Timothy Reed and Friends at Rachael’s Cafe

Hello everybody! You are cordially invited to come celebrate the new moon at Rachael’s Cafe where Timothy Reed & Friends will be performing a live set! Below is the official release:


CONTACT: Timothy Reed (812) 322-7187 tim@carrymemusic.com

Timothy Reed & Friends to perform at Rachael’s Cafe

Timothy Reed & Friends will be performing live at Rachael’s Cafe for a 45 minute set along with other artists.

On Sunday February 10th, Timothy Reed & Friends, Jacob Latham, and Jason & Ginger will each perform a set at Rachael’s Cafe at 300 E 3rd Street in Bloomington, Indiana. Here is the lineup:

  • 6pm: Jacob Latham
  • 7pm: Timothy Reed and Friends
  • 8pm: Jason & Ginger

They are all performing under the auspices of the Network for Original Americana Music. Rachael’s Cafe is an all ages venue and there is no admission charge for this event.

Jacob Latham is a folk/rock musician who is influenced by Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Doc Watson. Jason & Ginger play blues and ballads, and released their debut album, Jokerville, in 2011. Timothy & Friends will be performing music from both the 2010 album Euphoric Owls and the upcoming album Together in Peace. The program also includes a comedic skit, an audience participation gospel song, a piece by Chopin, and the well known duet, “The Prayer”. The epic title track from Together in Peace will be performed, which features six part harmonies, bass guitar, drums, and organ. This song has been compared to Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Manhattan Transfer’s “A Night in Tunisia” with Bobby McFerrin. The program also features “Cameraderie” and “Twilight”, two of the most popular songs from Euphoric Owls.

The “Friends” performing with Timothy Reed are:

  • Ariel Simpson (Vocalist)
  • Vin?ezia Buchanan (Vocalist)
  • Sarra McCartney (Vocalist)
  • Shannon Bahr (Vocalist)
  • Buff Brown (Vocalist)
  • Daniel Reed (Bass Guitar)
  • Jamey Reid (Drums)
  • Zo? Reed (Actress/Singer)
  • David Hunt (Keyboard/Piano)
  • Chip Reardin (Sound)



About Timothy Reed

Timothy Reed is a composer, pianist, singer, actor, writer, and piano and voice teacher. In 2010, he released a CD entitled ?Euphoric Owls?, which alternates between solo piano and piano with what he calls ?ethereal voices?. Imagine George Winston meets Schubert and Chopin, often with soaring vocals, with Tim and the amazing Brown Sisters.