Bloomington Acting Seminar w/ David Heavener

Would you like to learn more about film acting, and get a behind-the-scenes look at a developing screenplay? Come to the Acting Workshop with David Heavener, Sunday, May 4th, at the Marriott Hotel in Bloomington, Indiana.?David has written, produced, directed, and starred in over 30 films. He has appeared on Showtime, HBO, USA, and other networks.?We are currently co-writing a screenplay-a family dramedy. We will use scenes from our script as a vehicle for the acting workshop!

In the summer of 2012, just after returning inspired and overwhelmed from The New Music Seminar in New York City (click here to read my blog post on this event, which included many bigwigs in the music business) I attended a 3 hour Filmmaking Seminar with David Heavener, in Louisville, Kentucky. As I was waiting in the lobby of the Galt House, hundreds of bizarre, horrific costumed people were waking around, but I had no idea why.

I learned later that David was in Louisville as a celebrity in the Fright Night Film Fest, an annual horror film festival, which 16,700 people attended. Because of a scheduling snafu with the Fright Fest, only 5 people ended up taking the film making workshop. So we all got lots of individual attention with David. I was ?ber-impressed with how he helped me and the other 4 participants with developing our screenplay ideas.

A couple weeks later, David and I met at a Starbucks in Louisville, and worked on the ?one-paragrapher?, the description of the movie that you read on the back of the DVD case. Again I was impressed with how he was able to take my ideas and develop them into an enthralling short summary of a film. For the next few months I continued to work on the screenplay here and there, while reading several books on screenwriting, one of which David wrote.

shew's rustic vacation cabintim reed writes screenplay on patty's porch

Finally in August 2013 I took a 10 day vacation in a remote and beautiful part of southeastern Ohio, so I could really focus on writing, and hang out with some old friends during my breaks. Part of that vacation I stayed in a cabin with no electricity. During this vacation I had two phone sessions with David, which were tremendously inspiring. After the vacation I was able to start a regular writing routine that has resulted in me closing down a wide variety of internet caf?s nearly every night for the last 8 months.

tim and dave

David and I have now had 30 writing sessions, and we are about 40 scenes into the script of a movie that we are both very excited about. Our story is based very loosely on three crazy years I spent as a musical director/actor at the French Lick Resort, which at that time was a faded old historic hotel. As we get deeper into the writing process, the story and characters increasingly take on a life of their own. I read through the first 25 scenes with a young talented actress a few weeks ago, and she said that she felt that this movie will be a classic that she?ll want to watch again and again!

In addition to co-writing, David is doing an excellent job of mentoring me on how to write a screenplay. He is a great teacher, so come join us on May 4th and learn from someone who has enjoyed success in the film industry.

About Timothy Reed

Timothy Reed is a composer, pianist, singer, actor, writer, and piano and voice teacher. In 2010, he released a CD entitled ?Euphoric Owls?, which alternates between solo piano and piano with what he calls ?ethereal voices?. Imagine George Winston meets Schubert and Chopin, often with soaring vocals, with Tim and the amazing Brown Sisters.