“Last to Cry” Release


Announcing the release of ?Last to Cry?, a rather epic 7 minute song I co-wrote with Kirstin Craven. It is now on?YouTube?and?CDBaby, and will soon be on iTunes!!! So far people have compared the song to Ben Folds and David Bowie. It reminds me a bit of Simon and Garfunkel, even though there are no vocal harmonies. The end section, where Ariel Simpson wails so beautifully, was inspired by the last section of Pink Floyd?s ?Great Gig in the Sky?.

When I first got on social media, Kirstin Craven was my able assistant, setting me up on Facebook, Twitter, etc. One day she showed me?a few of her poems, and I was blown away. I asked if I could set one to music, and she said, ?sure?. And so, ?Last to Cry? was born.

We had an incredible team of people for the audio and video for this song. They are all listed below. We filmed at several locations, but the most unusual was a post office that was being demolished. I kept driving by the old Bloomington Post Office and gawking at the amazing rubble, and thought it would be a great scene for a music video. So I called the number listed on a sign inside the fence, which read ?Phoenix Demolition?. Jeff Ellington answered the phone, and remembered that I had taught his daughter, Lindsey, a few years ago. He allowed us to film on the site at times that they weren?t working. So I had my grand piano placed amidst the devastation, and we had a productive couple days with actors and musicians in this dramatic environment. Please feel free to share this with anyone!!! Thanks?

Music Credits

  • Music by Timothy Reed
  • Lyrics by Kirstin Craven
  • Additional Lyrics by Timothy Reed
  • Lead vocals by Timothy Reed and Ariel Simpson
  • Piano and keyboards by Timothy Reed
  • Bass guitar and drums by Chip Reardin
  • Produced by Chip Reardin and Timothy Reed

Recorded and Engineered by
Chip Reardin at Airtime Studio, Bloomington, Indiana

Video Credits

  • Directed by Timothy Reed, David Rust, and Joshua Brown
  • Filmed by David Rust and Joshua Brown
  • Head Editor David Rust
  • Assistant Editors Joshua Brown and Timothy Reed
  • Film Crew Jack Donnelly


  • Pianist and Singer?Timothy Reed
  • Bass Guitarist?Daniel Reed
  • Drummer?Chip Reardin


  • Sarah?Allison Sandie
  • Sarah?s Boyfriend?Timothy Reed
  • Cry Angel Dancer?Ariel Simpson
  • Sarah?s Father?Ken Farrell
  • Sarah?s Mother?Sharon Porter?Phillips
  • Sarah?s Younger Sister?Greta Meya
  • Sarah?s Friend?David Hunt

Special Thanks

Zo? Jade Kousaleous Reed
Hikari Nakagawa
Jessica Fix
Jeff Ellington, Phoenix Demolition
Christy Page and Emma Dederick
A Better Way Moving Company
The United States Postal Service
Tribeswell Internet Design and Marketing
Lake Griffy Nature Preserve
City of Bloomington, Indiana
David Cox of The American Piano Factory
Phillipe Moulier
Christy True
Jessica True
Daniel Reed
Charlea Janette Bailey
David Heavener
Joshua Brown
Ann Randolph
Lauren Brown
Edith Reed
Anastasios Polis
Kimberly Chasteen
Angie Tate

Here are the lyrics to the song.? They are almost all by Kirstin.? I inserted a couple lines that seemed to naturally fit into the flow of the song.

Last to Cry

Words by Kirstin Craven?and Timothy Reed
Music by Timothy Reed
? 2012 Carry Me Music
All Rights Reserved

Sarah’s crying on the concrete again
I only reflect desperation in her eyes
The mold here taunts our lungs
Salt eats away at our heals
It’s too cold to get out of here
And we’re all aching of the same scene
The same scene

She’s just lying down on the floor again
She’s such a poet when she’s gone and trashed her mind
Seducing me with stolen lines
Of all my favorite artists from the past
And times of nights we burned with the stars
Midnight car ride memories
It’s too cold to get out of here
And we’re all aching of the same scene
The same scene

You have the record time to make me feel unclean
Even less to make me feel lost…lost
Midnight car ride memories
The only up to when she is down:
We watched the azure dawn
Swallow the stars one by one
But she only cries when there’s no more
There’s no more…no more tears.

About Timothy Reed

Timothy Reed is a composer, pianist, singer, actor, writer, and piano and voice teacher. In 2010, he released a CD entitled ?Euphoric Owls?, which alternates between solo piano and piano with what he calls ?ethereal voices?. Imagine George Winston meets Schubert and Chopin, often with soaring vocals, with Tim and the amazing Brown Sisters.