Into the Night – Single

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I’m excited to share my first single from my upcoming record (which will be released next summer); a song I wrote called “Into the Night”. It features myself on Lead Vocals and Piano as well as the now-famous Brown Sisters, Lauren, Lilly, and Jenna, on backing vocals as well as my co-producer and engineer Chip Reardin on Bass and Drums.

Recording “Into the Night”

We recorded the song at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, IN. Airtime is a fairly famous studio here in southern Indiana and is a favorite recording spot for artists such as Carrie Newcomer, Straight No Chaser, Krista Detor, and Malcolm Dalglish. It is a truly awesome studio owned by my friend and former bandmate Dave Weber.

The head engineer and often co-producer these days is Chip Reardin. Chip is an expert at getting the exact piano and vocal sounds that make my music come alive. He is also one of architects of the ‘Ethereal Voices’ style of soaring ambient vocals that I use in so much of my music.

“Into the Night” was recorded in late December and early January. We completed the piano, lead vocals, and backing vocals on December 30 (2011) and added bass, drums, and mixed the track over the next few weeks.

Inspiration for “Into the Night”

I began writing this song after attending an ASCAP conference in Los Angeles in April of 2010. The conference gave me the great opportunity to hear many amazing songwriters close-up. A lot of the featured songwriters had written famous songs that were later made famous by other performers.

For example, I got to hear Billy Steinberg sing his song, “Like a Virgin” which was a massive hit for Madonna. (Click here for to watch the video of Billy’s performance.)

After absorbing so much great songwriting I came home with a strong desire to write something at that caliber.

“Into the Night” was also inspired by a huge crush I had on a Swiss waitress who worked in a cafe that I frequented during the conference. The song lay unfinished for over a year until I dated a woman last fall (2011) who inspired me to complete it.

The “Into the Night” Video

“Into the Night” uses some poetic wordplay which reminds me of the feeling of the poetry and imagery of the Pre-Raphaelite era of painting which flourished in England and France in the mid 1800’s. So, I chose several of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite style paintings to include in a Youtube video along with lyrics for the song.

The “Into the Night” single is available for purchase in digital format on CD Baby and iTunes.


You know, I’ve waited all my life
Just to feel the feeling that I have with you tonight
I’ve waited all my life
And wondered if I’d ever find someone like you
But now I know
Cause when you look me in the eyes
I can feel our bodies energize
And all our cells are deja vu-ing
All the Gods are wooing
Us to keep pursuing
All our dream come true-ing
And our I love you-ing

So come with me into the night
Take my hand and we’ll go outta sight
Into the lands between the moonbeams
Into dreams within dreams
Where sweet Venus convenes
Heating up our bloodstreams
Topped with steaming whipped cream

Hark! The rhythm of our hearts beating
Plays together with our lungs breathing
Can you feel the sting of Cupid’s arrows
Piercing to our heart’s delight
Let’s seize the day and see how time can fly
Into the night

Come with me
Laugh with me