Rolling in the Deep cover – Lilly and Jenna Brown

I wanted to share this video that Lilly and Jenna Brown posted a few weeks ago. They have both been “instrumental” (and “vocal”-haha) in helping me to create my music and have been my piano students for many years.

One of the many cool things about this video is that Lilly broke the music down into its parts and played each part separately and then recombined them (both in audio and video format) to create a fabulous music video! And she pulled this off in one day: talk about focus!

I remember when Lilly was a teen, I showed her the chords and scales on the piano, which she practiced diligently. Then she gave me CDs of songs she liked, and I’d transcribe them for her, at first making easy arrangements, but as she advanced I would make the arrangements more complicated, so that eventually she could play exactly what was on the record. Then I helped her figure out how to transcribe songs from recordings by herself, by giving her little bits and hints of the musical elements, and encouraging her to figure out the rest, which she was eventually able to do, with her amazing talent and determination! And now she has learned many songs from recordings all by herself, including Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”!

About Timothy Reed

Timothy Reed is a composer, pianist, singer, actor, writer, and piano and voice teacher. In 2010, he released a CD entitled ?Euphoric Owls?, which alternates between solo piano and piano with what he calls ?ethereal voices?. Imagine George Winston meets Schubert and Chopin, often with soaring vocals, with Tim and the amazing Brown Sisters.